Enjoy your space and leave the rest to us.

At Casa Shelter, nous sommes aux côtés de nos clients à chaque étape de leur projet d’aménagement et de décoration intérieur. Du début à la fin, nous vous offrons un accompagnement personnalisé, combinant expertise et créativité pour transformer vos idées en espaces élégants et fonctionnels.

A projet de décoration réussi demande une approche méthodique, impliquant plusieurs étapes cruciales, allant de la conception initiale à la sélection des éléments de mobilier et de décoration, en passant par la gestion des commandes, pour finir par l’assemblage et le montage des éléments pour un résultat harmonieux et esthétiquement plaisant.


Identifying needs

Casa Shelter begins every decorating project by talking to its customers to understand their needs, tastes, budget and schedule. We also examine the space to be decorated to gain a better understanding of it. This stage enables us to create a clear vision of the project and design bespoke solutions that reflect our customers' personality and lifestyle, while respecting their constraints. Our aim is to create a space that reflects their personality and fully meets their expectations.

Mood board

Once your needs have been identified, Casa Shelter will provide you with a mood board that summarises all your ideas. It plays a crucial role in the design phase of a decorating project, since it is a visual composition that brings together a variety of elements, such as images, material samples, colours, textures, patterns, furniture, accessories, lighting and other decorating elements, to represent the desired atmosphere and style. This initial visual document provides a basis for discussion, making it easier to decide on the materials, furniture and accessories to be used in your project.

Furniture board

The furniture board follows on from the mood board. It focuses primarily on the selection and visual representation of the furniture, lighting, decorative pieces and other items that will be used in an interior design project. It allows you to select furniture that meets the specific needs and requirements of the space. It helps to choose the right furniture in terms of size, shape, style and function, while taking into account the overall aesthetic of the project.

Monitoring of works as part of a renovation project)

Casa Shelter monitors the work involved in your renovation and/or decoration project. Site supervision involves coordinating the various craftsmen and professionals involved in the project. This is a crucial stage that ensures that the decoration plan is carried out correctly and that the end result matches the project.


Ordering and installing furniture and decoration

Casa Shelter takes care of the entire logistics process, from the purchase of decorative elements to the management of deliveries and installation. Our aim is to simplify your life and give you complete peace of mind.

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