You own a residence, you live remotely and you don’t have the opportunity to take care of it?

Or simply, you don’t have time to take care of your own.

Casa Shelter Concierge manages and coordinates a network of trusted partners, selected for their expertise. According to your needs and in order to offer you a complete and efficient service, we take care of your property throughout the year.

At any time, Leave serene, CASASHELTER takes care of your good.

All year we manage the stewardship of your home

Our services to owners

  • Looking for service providers to maintain your home.
  • Complete management of your property.
  • Cleaning, pool and garden maintenance.
  • Aeration of the house, start before your arrival.

Technical assistance

  • Monitoring of work.
  • Monitoring of heating system maintenance.
  • Reminder of the annual maintenance operations and management of the work schedule (annual maintenance of chimney, boiler, pool).


  • Periodic vigilance visit with general inspection.
  • Check alarm systems, appliance operation, no leaks or other damage.
  • Additional visit in case of bad weather.

Seasonal rental management

20% commission including :

  • Writing the rental ad.
  • Online leasing platforms: (Airbnb / Homelidays …).
  • Marketing/advertising.
  • Monitoring of rental requests and planning management.
  • Check-in / Check-out.
  • The smile and advice of the Casa Shelter team for restaurants, activities, ….

Benefits not included in the commission

  • Seasonal rental license obtained*.
  • Cleaning and laundry service.
  • Writing of the welcome booklet in 4 languages.
  • Rental profitability calculation.
  • Initial inventory.
  • Welcome basket.


  • NB: the tourist furnished rental activity is supervised by the Alojamento Local regime and requires, in particular, registration and security checks.

Administrative assistance and support

  • You have just settled in Portugal, you need support, legal advice from a notary, a lawyer (real estate purchase, will, etc.).
  • We can help you with various administrative formalities such as the registration of a vehicle, an RNH application, a power of attorney, a certified document.
  • You want to be advised for a health insurance, register for social security.
  • Help to rent your property.

Our formulas and rates

Because every good, every owner, is different, Casa Shelter will always adapt to your request.

Because Casa Shelter carries the values of honesty, transparency, and adaptability, the choice of one of our packages, is a strong act of trust between Casa Shelter and our customers.

At the end of this choice, our commercial relationship, as well as the management of your property, will be managed in full transparency. Exchange and dialogue will be the foundations of this relationship.

In order to offer the best services and services to our customers, we offer three types of annual package.
The advantages of the annual package:

We organize a personalized visit, we build a file with knowledge of the operation and particularities of your property.

  • You will no longer need to waste your time looking for a quality company, we will have already found it for you.
  • You will benefit from the services of our partners selected for their skills.
  • You will not have any difficulty explaining your request in the language of the country, our team is multilingual.

Confiança package

Do you want to keep an eye on your residence? Opt for the Confiança package.

29 € excluding tax/ month


Access to concierge services.

Custom quote to monitor your property.


Serenidade Package

You also want to set up and monitor a service such as cleaning, garden or pool maintenance, choose the Serenidade package.

39 € excluding tax/ month


Confiança package


Estimate and complete management ofa tailor-made service (gardening, cleaning, pool maintenance, etc.).


Perfeito package

You want a complete follow-up for all services the Perfeito package is the most adapted to your needs.

49 € excluding tax/ month


Confiança package


Estimate and complete management two or three tailor-made service (gardening, cleaning, pool maintenance, etc.).


Cleaning package


40 € excluding tax/ month


For a T0


Pool package


95 € excluding tax/ month


for the maintenance


Gardening package


85 € excluding tax/ month